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Storefront of Pleasure and Pain Shop

Pleasure and Pain Montreal

We wanted to create a tattoo shop in Montréal where everyone feels welcome and happy, a boutique that represents the open mindedness and diversity of the community. When visiting  Pleasure & Pain Ink in Mississauga we knew we had found the right people to help us do it. Kelly and Jenn Pain helped bring our vision to life. They have been doing it right for 19 years now and have guided us on the right way to run a tattoo and piercing studio for optimum quality artistic results and safety.

Storefront of Pleasure and Pain Shop

Our Artists

Andrea Piercer and Owner

Andrea Robin


I started my piercing apprenticeship with long-time friends Kelly & Jen of Pleasure and Pain Ink’s Toronto location, and with the Pleasure and Pain name, we are facing new frontiers. I look forward to bringing MY vision of the future of OUR industry to the people of Montreal!

Colin the Tattoo Artist

Colin Lavigne


Growing up, I was always the type of kid to doodle on his school tests rather than actually do them. At 19, I decided to take my art work more seriously, and 7 years later, I wouldn’t trade a single day of it!

Annie the Tattoo Artist



I have been drawing since I was able to hold a pencil. I use art to concretize and immortalize my imaginary world. My artistic style is oriented towards illustrative surrealism and black and gray. Thank you for allowing me to grow through the trust you place in me.

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